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If you live an active lifestyle in Bend, Oregon, you know that aches and pains are sometimes part of the territory. Every now and then, your muscles need treatment from a professional. That’s where Recharge Massage Therapy comes in.

Recharge Massage Therapy specializes in sports massage techniques, active stretching, and client participation in treatment protocols. We know how to help you recover from — and for — your sport of choice. We work with athletes who are experiencing elbow tendonitis, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and shoulder restrictions, among others. Many clients experience marked improvement after just one visit.

At Recharge Massage Therapy, massage is more than a “feel good” experience. In fact, you may experience what many clients call a “good sort of pain.” During a massage, you will notice that some spots are more sensitive than others. This is often due to overuse, muscle tension, acute injuries, and sudden changes in activities, which can lead to muscle tearing. When those tissues heal, they create adhesions or scar tissue that can impede sports performance. A thorough, deep tissue massage can break up those adhesions, leading to increased range of motion, better sports performance, and greater comfort in everyday activities.

Contact us today to schedule a tune-up.

Cinda Strauch, LMT
628 NW York
Bend, OR 97701

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